Current Teaching

Administering our various undergraduate off-campus programmes takes up most of my time, so my teaching load is relatively light.

Global Tourism

Topics include: analysis of tourism within the major world regions; the impact of social and economic globalisation on world tourism; global acculturation; destination imagery and marketing of the local in the global context; the role of international governmental and non-governmental organisations within the global and local tourism industry; the influence of political stability and instability on world tourism; uneven development; colonization and indigenous tourism; gender and sex in tourism; religion and tourism; peripherality; climate change and seasonality; catering to diversity at the local level in the global tourism market; the interrelation between economic, social and environmental state policies and conditions and global tourism patterns; issues of conflict, health, safety, human rights and colonialism within the context of modern global tourism; the position of tourism, nationally, regionally and globally, within the global sustainable development debate; beyond the global.


Tourism Development and Planning

Tourism Development and Planning is a module which balances theoretical aspects with a more practical approach. Students are guided through the process of creating a tourism development plan. In this way, this module seeks to integrate the breadth of their course content through the means of a practical exercise. Students must perform a tourism/heritage potential appraisal; propose an appropriate development approach for the area; make outline proposals for appropriate developments there; and devise key themes for a marketing plan for the area. The practical work will be supported by a programme of lectures, group tutorials, guest lectures, site visits, and workshops as appropriate and necessary.


Fundamentals of Events

This is the introductory module for the BA in Events Management. As such it covers quite a broad range of topics and form a basis for following modules.

This module introduces the nature of events, the range of events and the processes of planning, organising and managing events. The module will explore events in the tourism, leisure, recreation, hospitality, retail, creative and service sectors through an analysis of the interplay of public and private sector organisations. Module content includes market research, marketing, legislation, the development of niche products, transportation, infrastructure, attractions and destinations.